WITOCA is an artisan coffee from the Amazon of Ecuador. Sustainably grow to prevent and reverse the deforestation. Grown, harvested and roasted with care. Our mission is to keep the ecosystem of the Amazon diverse.

Family of farmers who are engaged in the entire process. Starting with the coffee harvest of fine robusta coffee beans. Collection of mature beans by hand, placed in the sun for three or four days to dry and then remove the coffee husks. After a careful roasting over low heat. When the coffee has been roasted it is allowed to cool for a while and then be ground manually. Then you are ready to pass it through hot water and serve a delicious cup of coffee. This way we can provide you with the best quality coffee that exists


Witoca Co-Founder

Born in the Amazon, trained in Finance and Archeology, passionate about Amazonian life and culture. Q-Grader of Robusta Coffee and cofounder of Witoca.


Witoca Co-Founder

From the Amazon rainforest, cofounder of Witoca. In love with the Amazon Rainforest biodiversity and rich culture. Professional jungle guide and lover of coffee